Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, Uganda Adventure Tours

Lake Bunyonyi is a very charming lake filled with little islands in western Uganda. The terraced land scappe and the great colours make it very cartoonish. Just from Kabale, take a taxi or boda boda. From Orutindo you can hire a canoe or motorboat to the destination of your choice.

Getting around Lake Bunyonyi

The best and partially way to getting around is a trip on water; with a motor boat or with a canoe. The boat will take you around and show the beautiful islands, take you to different places where you can relax and decide where to stay.

At a very reasonable price, you can hire a car and get around the Lake to Kisoro, to the volcanoes and the queen Elizabeth National Park.

What to see around Lake Bunyonyi

There is a lot to see at Lake Bunyonyi and you can tour all the 29 islands, get to visit the batwa trail and s their cultural show with a moto boat.

You can also visit a wonderful place called Kirangara and also undertake a motor boat tour and enjoy island jumping. You can see an incredible number of birds at Lake Bunyonyi.

What to do around Lake Bunyonyi

You can make the visits to local homes, village stays and safaris to the gorillas, the volcanos and Bwindi national park as well as the hot springs near Kabale. You can also enjoy swimming and canoeing.

The water from the lake is so clean but it’s not advised for the foreigners to drink it unless it’s boiled. All the restaurants and campsites have got wide offer of the drinks depending on your budget.

Where to sleep in Lake Bunyonyi

Byoona Amagara in Itambira Island

It’s known as the top place to stay at Lake Bunyonyi for its great creativity, accommodation each with its own private balcony having great views of the surrounding islands and hillsides plush fresh diverse meal offerings and the very friendly staff, it’s among the least expensive places in the whole region.

Get to book a deluxe which includes en suite facilities with hot showers, or basic accommodation and the student dormitories. It has also got a family cottage and many activities to do around the Lake.

Arcadia cottages

It’s located on a hillside high above the lake. It has got very great views with 12 rooms in two rows. The lower front row are so great octagonal cottages with the thatched roof.

The upper row are new with concrete, and have got comfortable double / twin rooms surrounded with good gardens.

African Explorer Eco Village;

This eco village is located on Kyabahinga ridge overlooking one of the best scnry you can get of this lake, the Islands and the Virunga Mountains bordering Rwanda and the Congo.

These provide accommodation in furnished African Huts, wooden cabins powered by solar with hot and cold showers. You can as well connect with wifi internet. Domes and camping ground for backpackers can be provided. The restaurant serves organic food in both international and local dishes.

Lost Paradise Beach

The beach provides a wonderful view that provides accommodation in beautiful simple cottages. There is great African European Asian food as well as the iced drinks.

Canoeing for free. The place owned by a Ugandan family is beautifully prepared, clean and maintained with a big garden, Camping place, tropical fruit garden, Eating and Party – Hall, Waterhouse for lonely twosome breakfast and nice swimming dock and beach. You get served ananas, sugarcane, bananas and Passion fruit fresh from the garden. They offer African tea and Arabian coffee.

Bugombe Island Gateway

This is a newly opened resort on Lake Bunyonyi that offers great accommodation and travel experience. There is bird watching on Bugombe wild island and canoe trips to the 10 islands on the lake.

We offer full board accommodation with all the meals served at a great price. The Island offers free wifi to all our guests.

Bunyonyi View Resort

It’s along renowned for its creative dome accommodations and each with its own private balcony having views of the Lake and hillsides, and the fresh diverse meal offerings, and friendly staff. It’s among the least expensive places in the whole region.

The resort has got deluxe accommodation and the dormitories that are self-contained with hot water. It has also got family cottages that are well self-contained.