Cycling safaris in Uganda

You can get to enjoy a mountain hike with in Bwindi to help in supporting the local communities near the park. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the great scenery of the park or opt for a bike in the village.

Cycling is done in Buhoma that allows the visitors to partake a variety of bicycle rides in the forest and in the local community. The people that participate in such activities directly offer support to the nearby community.

The mountain bike ride safaris in Bwindi are managed by a women group that offers trained guides, a repair shop for these bikes and each participant helps in this program also receives direct compensation from the visitors to Buhoma enjoying a ride on the bike.

Biking trails in Bwindi Forest.

 Forest trail; its 3 hours guided bicycle ride in Bwindi impenetrable Forest with emphasis on birding or just enjoying this very old forest.

Cycling to River Ivy and then return and along the way, you will see monkeys, occasional chimpanzees and the mountain gorillas, squirrels and the duikers.

The guides are professionals in identifying anything that the visitors may miss out. For the dedicated bikers, Bwindi forest offers ideal setting for such activity.

You have to consider that altitude is a factor here since Bwindi forest is among of the higher places in Uganda. Always carry a snack and a lot of water to take during the breaks in the forest.

Village Bike ride: this is 2 hour alternative trail followed when on the Village walk, although you will be on a mountain bike. You will only be with the locals of Buhoma.

During the bike ride, the visitors learn about the lifestyle of the Batwa and the Bakiga people and see and learn the things they do in their community. Get to tour the craft cnter, traditional medicinal healer with lots of medicines collected from the forest.